Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Saturday afternoon I was cleaning house and doing laundry. Brodie was down for a nap and Brylie was watching a movie. I walked in their room to put some clothes away and found them both laying like this, with their hands behind their heads. I just laughed and told Brylie you look just like your daddy! I walked into the living room and found this..

I just laughed and had to grab the camera!

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Finally had a party for Brylie's Birthday!

We finally had a Party for Brylie's birthday a few weekends ago. Here are a few pics
Brylie and her princess cake! We had to go look at this cake display at HEB every time we went for the past few months. Thanks goodness she finally got her cake!

Get a little help from August and Daddy!

She looked a little rough by the end of her party!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Brylie's Birthday/ Fair weekend!

Fair weekend was a little crazy this year, with a 1 week old and Brylie's birthday on that Friday!
Brad and I took Brylie to ride rides on Thursday night, and my mom took Brodie home with her. We didn't have to wait in many lines and she could ride all she wanted and she did. After she rode every ride she could, some how we managed to walk through the game area, Brad won Brylie a monkey and we walked right out of the ride area, and she never said a word. We eat a corn dog and we were headed home, rather early!
Friday was Brylie's 3rd and my 30th Birthdays! We headed to town for the parade! And then we went out to Aunt ashley's to have a mini Birthday party!

A bubble bath,

and a quick nap!

Then we headed to the fair to show Cinderella & Prince at the Dorper show!

Showing Prince!

Very proud of her third place ribbon!

When it was time to show Cinderella, Brylie had found a friend with toys and could careless about showing. So mom got to show her!

Saturday and most of Sunday we stayed at home and rested! Brylie, Brodie and I finally went back to the fair Sunday afternoon to pick up the Watermelon and Milo Brylie had entered. She was so excited she got 2nd with both. She could not wait to eat her watermelon, she had to eat it at the races.

Brylie's first day of school!

Brylie started Pre-school the Wed after Brodie was born, Aug 19th!

Brylie is in Pre-K 3 and Avery is in Kindergarden!

I think she likes school. She gets up in the mornings and wants to go, but when you ask her about school she says, " I not talk about it."

Brylie loves her little Brother

Brodie "Buckshot" William Roeder

Brodie William Roeder was Born on Aug 14th. He weighed 7.12 lbs and was 20 inches long.

So I am a little behind on blogging!

I am a little behind on Blogging, so I am hopefully going to catch up today! Maybe!